Opening Hours

We provide one session per day with a maximum of fourteen children. This encourages the Montessori philosophy in that the focus is  on the child and as much time as possible is dedicated to the individual  needs of each class member.

The session runs from 9.30am to 12.30pm. It is a good idea to come and visit the classroom so both you and your child are familiar with it and with me. Your child will feel much more comfortable knowing where they are going and what to expect. 


Term Calendar

School opens Wednesday 30th August
Mid-term Friday 27th October to Monday 6th November
Christmas break Friday 22nd December to Monday 8th January
Mid-term break Tuesday 13th February to Monday 19th February
Easter holidays Friday 23rd March to Monday 9th April
May Bank Holiday Friday 4th May to Wednesday 9th May
June Bank Holiday Friday 1st June to Wednesday 6th June
Summer holidays Wednesday 27th June


Settling In

Chat with your child in the week or two before they start about what they will do during the day, who will be there and when you will come back to collect them. Try and leave all toys at home. I encourage parents to say goodbye to their child and reassure them they will be back. Sometimes even just a quick kiss if they are fully engrossed in an activity.

Each child reacts differently to their first day of Montessori but we aim to make the settling in period as easy and as pleasant as possible.


Food & Nutrition

At Happy Dales we promote healthy eating and balanced nutrition. Pack a small healthy lunch each day for your child. For example a ham sandwich on brown bread, a yoghurt and a piece of fruit. Don’t forget a small bottle of water. Place any items that need to be refrigerated in a zip lock bag with the child’s name on it so I know who it belongs to. If your child has any dietary requirements or allergies please let me know.